Fighting for a better Western New York

My name is Nate McMurray and I’m running for Congress in NY’s 27th District. I’m fighting for families like the one I grew up in—good people, struggling to get by in a system that cares less and less about what matters to them. Western New York needs better roads. We need more jobs. We need better healthcare and we need to make sure that the social security that you earned is kept safe—forever.

The Latest

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            [message] => ‪You know what keeps me up?‬

‪40% of Americans STILL believe anything Trump says.‬

‪States certify elections.‬

‪If it’s close, with millions of mail in ballots Trump says are fake...‬

‪And he declares victory, the Senate traitors and GOP Governors backing him...😱‬

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Polls Close in New York’s 27th: McMurray Calls for Every Vote to be Counted

Polls Close in New York’s 27th: McMurray Calls for Every Vote to be Counted

Thousands of Mail-In Ballots remain Unopened across the District Hamburg, NY- Tonight, polls closed in the NY’s 27th District, but tens of thousands of ballots remain unopened. As a result of the …

Putting NY-27 priorities first

As a public servant, there is nothing I value more than the trust of my constituents. For the 7 years that my predecessor was in office, we lost a voice in Washington D.C. We lost a voice because the representative in that seat cared more about enriching himself than about enriching our community. And as he enriched himself, District 27 lost jobs, lost farms, lost infrastructure and lost hope in the electoral process.