They don't own you.


My name is Nathan McMurray, and I’m running for Congress in the 27th District.

I’m a husband, and the father of two sons. I’m a native western New Yorker, whose family roots in the region trace back to colonial times. I’m the son of a construction worker, and a mom who worked three jobs to hold our family together after myfather died of cancer in his 30’s. 

I’m also an attorney, and a successful businessperson, who knows how to get things done. For the last two years, I’ve used that know-how serving as the Town Supervisor of Grand Island. As Supervisor I’ve done more (cashless tolls that clean air and save money, energy projects, conservation, and infrastructure) than most elected officials have done in their entire career.

Why? Because I do what’s right, not what’s popular. And I fight for my constituents, not for my friends or the next election.

Endorsed by:

  • Working Families Party
  • Women's Equality Party
  • Turn 27 Blue (8 County Chairs)
  • Erie County Democratic Committee
  • Livingston County Democratic Committee
  • Niagara County Democratic Committee
  • Ontario County Democratic Committee
  • Wyoming County Democratic Committee

No one owns me.

My opponent, Chris Collins, is a wealthy man. That’s great. Growing up in North Carolina, he inherited a fortune, which he used to buy (and often sell off) struggling companies in Western New York. He’s been a County Executive (he was voted out) and now our congressman for a long time.

What has he done for Western New York during that very long time? It’s hard to say. There are lots of complaints: Insider trading. Abuse of office. Deceptions. Lies. Chris Collins is currently under investigation for ethics violations. The Office of Congressional Ethics states “there is a substantial reason to believe that Representative Collins took official actions that would assist a single entity in which he had a significant financial interest, in violation of federal law.”

No one owns you.

Despite all this, Collins thinks he’s safe. He thinks he doesn’t even have to face me in a debate, even though I’ve been endorsed by the Erie, Niagara, Livingston, and Wyoming Country Democrats, Turn 27 Blue, and the New York State Working Families Party. In fact, he has faced no opponent in a debate for years. He’s above it all. Untouchable.

Maybe you don’t know me. Maybe you don’t like Democrats. Maybe you even think, despite the investigations and noise, that Collins is great. No politician should get a pass. No politician should be untouchable.

Collins owns a lot. His friends own a lot more - radio stations, skyscrapers, banks. But he doesn’t own you. He doesn’t own your vote.

Don’t vote for me because some guy on television, or some politician told you to. Vote for me because I’ll fight for you and I’ll fight for Western, NY. That means building infrastructure here, not on the Mexican border. That means broadband here, not just in country club lounges. That means selling our dairy and produce in China, not closing our eyes.

You are not a drone. You are not a number. You are a freethinking American. No one owns you. No one owns me. All I ask is that you look it all over, and give me a shot. This other guy just isn’t getting it done.


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