NY-27 Absentee Voting FAQ

NY-27 Special Election
Absentee FAQ

The June 23rd special election for Congress in NY-27 is STILL ON. 

All voters are encouraged to vote by absentee ballot (by mail) to protect their health, as well as poll workers and other voters. Voters MUST APPLY to receive their ballot in the mail, it will NOT be sent automatically. Read below for more information.

How to vote by absentee in the June 23rd Special Election:
There are TWO steps. First, you MUST fill out an absentee application. Then, 30-45 days before the election (early June), you will be mailed your ballot. To vote, simply fill out the ballot and send it back to your Board of Elections in the envelope provided.

How do I get an absentee application?
Every registered voter will be mailed an absentee application by their county Board of Elections. Once you receive the application, fill it out (see directions below), and return it in the included pre-paid envelope. 

Alternatively, in Erie, Livingston, Monroe, and Wyoming counties, you can quickly and easily fill out the application ONLINE in less than 5 minutes. Click on your county to apply now.

How do I fill out my absentee ballot application?

Follow these simple instructions:

In Box 1
     …mark “temporary illness or physical disability.” By Executive Order 202.15, this covers those voting absentee because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In Box 2
     …request ballots for “Any election held between” the current date and June 24th, 2020.
In Boxes 3-5
     …enter your personal information.
In Boxes 6 and 7
     …check “Mail ballot to me” and enter the address you receive mail at.
In Box 8
     …sign your name.

Mail the application to your county Board of Elections. If you are filling out an application that was mailed to you, a pre-paid return envelope should have been included. You will receive your ballot 30-45 days before the election, or sooner in some counties. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

If I already cast an absentee ballot before the election was moved to June 23rd, do I have to vote again?
No. Ballots already sent in will are valid and will count in the June 23rd special election.

Can I still vote in-person on June 23rd? Can I vote early in-person?
Polls will be open from June 13th to the 21st for early voting, and from 6AM to 9PM on June 23rd. However, polling locations are likely to be very limited and social distancing guidelines will still be in effect. We strongly encourage all voters to take advantage of the opportunity to vote by absentee ballot. This protects your health, protects poll workers, and reduces risk to the public.

How/When will I receive my absentee ballot to actually cast my vote?
Your absentee ballot will be mailed to the address you put in Box 6 of your application. You should receive your ballot approximately 30-45 days before the election.

If I’ve previously applied for permanent absentee status, do I have to apply again due to COVID-19?
No, you will automatically receive your ballot as usual.

What if I have a disability that prevents me from signing my absentee application?
With the help of a family member, friend, or caregiver, you can still fill out the application! Fill out Boxes 1-7 as above. Below Box 8, mark as you are able on the designated line and have a witness fill out the bottom section to certify that the form was filled out correctly.

Email [email protected] if you have further questions! #VoteMcMurray #VoteAbsentee