Congressman Jacobs has lost his way

The right to vote is under siege. Whatever you think of Donald Trump’s politics, his attempts to thwart voting are plain to see, an all-out attack on American principles and values. He has slowed mail service and has urged people to vote twice illegally.

Why hasn’t Congressman Jacobs spoken out? Why does he stand by as Trump connives to win, denigrates our fellow Americans and publicly threatens to pull federal funding from our state? Funding that WE THE TAXYPAYERS PAID!! As it is, we only get back 80 cents on every federal tax dollar we pay. Jacobs only PRETENDS to represent us!

Here is his press release: “the President offered…a bright and prosperous future for all Americans.” All Americans except US, Mr. Jacobs, YOUR constituents.

Jacobs was a moderate and is now a Trumper: voting against the military and healthcare during a pandemic. Jacobs has lost his way. He votes “accidentally” and praises the would-be authoritarian president.

I’m voting for Nate McMurray, a man whose family of origin struggled with poverty, who worked hard to become a corporate lawyer and knows business. He has spent the time it takes to get to know us, our concerns and what leadership we need to revive our farms, small businesses and families who need jobs and healthcare.

Nate McMurray will represent ALL of us in WNY, and you can be sure he has integrity. A man of honor, he always says what he means and means what he says.