Editorial got it wrong on Jacobs endorsement

The endorsement of Chris Jacobs by The Buffalo News lacks sound reasoning. Constituents of NY-27 have been sorely neglected and abused by House representation for years. Citizens not subscribing to Donald Trump’s blind allegiance are not considered worthy of representation nor even a decent response to questions asked. It is a frustrating situation.

For the short time Jacobs has been in the House he has failed us. He failed to vote for one of our most basic needs, supporting protection of USPS. He voted no to keep Trump happy, claiming he made a mistake.

Nate McMurray may not be your traditional politician and some comments he makes are sarcastic, maybe not in his own best interest at times but he cares about constituents and the needs of the people of this district. Jacobs is not likely to cross party lines to help with health care, Covid-19 or any of the myriad of issues we face.

Those whom have propped up this president (including Rep. Tom Reed) and remained silent having no courage to stand up for what is right deserve to suffer the down ballot rejection the voters should deliver. I will be voting a straight party vote as a referendum on Trump. I hope others will join in voting for a government that works for all people once again.

Amy Incorvaia