Elect McMurray to push the correct voting button

The people living in New York’s 27th Congressional District can’t seem to catch a break.

For over a year, Chris Collins lied to us about his insider trading scandal, proclaiming his innocence and promising that he would be vindicated. Now a convicted criminal, Collins has yet to serve a day of his prison sentence.

In 2020, Chris Jacobs eked out a win against Nate McMurray and went to Washington as our representative. An experienced legislator, Jacobs presumably has extensive experience with the words “yea” and “nay.” The corresponding voting buttons in the House are even colored green and red, respectively.

Last week, The News reported that Jacobs supported a rescue package for the U.S. Postal Service. Yet when it came time to vote, he says he mistakenly pressed the red “nay” button and accidentally voted against it.

After Collins’ resignation in September 2019, his former constituents endured just under 10 tumultuous months during which we had no representation in the House.

After all that, the people in the 27th District deserve better than Jacobs’ shambolic negligence. Hopefully next time we can elect Nate McMurray, who, I am confident, at least knows his “yea” from his “nay.”

Alan Bedenko