Integrity, opportunity on the ballot in NY-27

A chorus of optimistic, energized voices from all corners of Western New York have endorsed a rare candidate who does not accept corporate money and is truly grassroots: Nate McMurray. Families of unrepresented NY-27 long for growth and opportunity, good jobs here. The reality has been weak, embarrassing representation in Congress, high unemployment and low wages.

Energized citizens have risen and stood together through multiple election cycles beside Nate. Money can’t buy that kind of support.

A grassroots movement, bubbling up from the bottom, offers hope for Western New York by speaking out — while we still can. Freedom of speech can be taken away, if Trump has his way. November 4th will be too late; William Barr calls it sedition.

McMurray campaign volunteers have talked to people they know and people on the street; they’ve canvassed door to door (before Covid), written letters, sent postcards, made phone call, texted messages, hosted indoor and now outdoor parties for small donations, donated, stood on corners, showed up for surprise events, posted lawn signs, informed, excited and energized others on social media.

Nate’s mom taught by example when she was left with seven hungry boys to raise, alone, after her young husband died. A resilient child, smart and experienced in overcoming obstacles, Nate is an Eagle Scout; he earned scholarships including the Fulbright scholarship and learned several languages. Nate will be an asset in Congress.

Steadfastly determined, Nate came close once, ran again and lost by a mere 5%. Now, volunteers collaborating for common good are moving mountains without help from the top.

Trust the unpaid, true ambassadors for integrity. Nate McMurray will not embarrass us, cheat or be distracted like Chris Jacobs and the others. Vote for strong character and a stronger Western New York. Vote!