On the Issues

Good Governance

As a public servant, there is nothing I value more than the trust of my constituents. For the 7 years that my predecessor was in office, we lost a voice in Washington D.C. We lost a voice because the representative in that seat cared more about enriching himself than about enriching our community. And as he enriched himself, District 27 lost jobs, lost farms, lost infrastructure and lost hope in the electoral process.

As your congressman, I will earn back your trust. You have my word that every step of the way, the investments I fight for in Washington will be for you, your family and our community. There are no party lines that stop corruption, so I will never let party politics distract me from protecting public trust and making sure my office is transparent and that we are holding those who profit from corruption accountable to the rule of law.
On day one, I will prioritize reforms like banning lawmakers owning of individual stocks, focusing on legislation that would ban lobbyists from becoming political fundraisers, and closing the revolving door of congress.

Health Care

For years, we have watched large pharmaceutical and insurance companies set higher and higher prices that ultimately barred our access to affordable healthcare.

We can’t continue to let companies set prices and collect massive paychecks while our family members are dying from rationing insulin. The current system hurts families, it hurts businesses and it hurts our community. Common-sense healthcare reform will lower our costs and create a system that benefits everyone. With access to the greatest modern medicine in the world, American citizens deserve to not be kept up at night worrying about whether or not they can pay for their medical needs.

As your Congressman, I will support “Medicare for All” and fight for a system that keeps families healthy. I know we can do better for the citizens of New York 27 and I intend to fight like hell for that when you send me to Washington.

Job Creation

Our district has a wealth of talent and potential. With top universities throughout the region, we have the opportunity to partner with schools and industry to employ residents, incubate small businesses and change the economic landscape of District 27.

For too long, tax breaks and incentives have only been going to the largest corporations and tariffs levied by the current administration have decimated farmers. Our district needs to have a negotiator in Washington who will always side with you. I will be that negotiator. Whether it’s helping students with student loan debt so they can afford to raise their families in our region or helping our local businesses grow – we will make investments that matter to everyday Americans and make sure our economy works for everyone.