Jacobs faulted for attending rally

I am writing to express my horror at the spectacle of a U.S. congressman at an event featuring the mock lynching of another person — let alone the governor of his state. Hanging is murder, of course, and a criminal act, and the lynching scenario that was depicted in the Sept. 26 event is a hallmark of vigilante justice.

Rep. Chris Jacobs did not utter a word against this — just as he has had nothing to say about President Trump’s broad hints that he will not abide by the results of the November election. He has not spoken up against anything that Trump has ever said or done, even those things that will harm his constituents — for example, the reductions in Postal Service and closure of post offices. The people of his district deserve better representation. They deserve someone who knows their struggles, listens to what they say, and is not afraid to speak out. They deserve to have Nate McMurray as their congressman.

Nancy Sellar
Silver Lake