Jacobs gave ‘shabby’ service as a senator

Ours is not a problem shared by many in our area. But many should be concerned about how my wife and I were treated by our state senator when we sought help to address our problem.

My wife and I are seniors living on fixed incomes in retirement. We have long-term care insurance. It builds no cash value for us, but will help defray long-term care expenses if and when needed.

A few years ago our premiums jumped, respectively, by 48% and 54%. I called the New York State Department of Finance and Taxation to find out why these increases were approved. I was told that the insurance companies lost profits due to the Great Recession and also that the elderly were living longer.

Our long-term care insurance companies took their own risk. So, as policy holders, it is not our role to guarantee insurance companies’ investment profits. Likewise, how dare these companies penalize the elderly for living longer? My wife and I remain very concerned about these premium increases.

Given the willingness of the state DFT to accede to the insurance companies’ premium increases and to also take their line in justifying same, my wife and I asked to meet with our New York State Senator about the issue. We live in the 60th Senate District. Our state senator at the time was Chris Jacobs. When we phoned Jacobs’ office and explained the problem to his staff person, we were put on hold. Jacobs’ staffer returned and told us that Jacobs would not meet with us, but that if the issue might ever come up in the Senate, he would look into it. In our view, this is shabby constituent service. And we wonder in what other ways former state senator Jacobs might have disserved his constituents.

Surely, if we lived in the 27th Congressional District, and based on our experience in seeking his help, we would never vote for Chris Jacobs in November.