Jacobs Hits New Low at Rally

Nate McMurray, the Democratic candidate in New York’s 27th Congressional District is calling on his opponent, Chris Jacobs, to denounce the vile events at the anti-Governor Cuomo rally on Saturday, where he addressed dozens of attendees outside the Hamburg Town Hall.  
Radio personality Tom Bauerle presided over the gathering, organized by a group calling itself the 1791 Society. Newly-seated congressman Chris Jacobs took the stage to chants of “All Lives Matter,” speaking to a mostly unmasked crowd which included QAnon activists. He declared “It is time for Andrew Cuomo to go,” shortly before an effigy of Governor Cuomo was unveiled and subjected to a “mock trial” of the Governor on “crimes” shouted by the crowd as the hanging figure was lynched and beaten with a fake rifle.
Bauerle ginned up the crowd with Nazi-inspired imagery of Cuomo as a “Reichstag fire-like power authority over us to be a dictator of New York State,” and a speaker after Jacobs promised support for “anyone who can catch, then tar or feather Cuomo.” 
“This district has a history of political climbers like Bill Paxon, Tom Reynolds, Chris Lee, and Chris Collins who used the communities and families of NY-27 for personal gain,” McMurray said. “But the hatefulness on display Saturday is a disgraceful new low. Chris Jacobs and his comrades have fully embraced the worst of Trumpism in Western New York.”
McMurray concluded: “Chris should be ashamed of how far he has lowered himself, all to try and win an election. Behavior like this has become all too common under President Trump. But it is not normal—it never has been normal—and Western New Yorkers deserve better. Chris Jacobs is showing us who he is and we should believe what we see.” 
Several local news outlets reported on the rally but omitted further detail on the hanging effigy and Congressman Jacobs’ involvement.