Jacobs is failing; choose McMurray

In the Sept. 12 Buffalo News editorial, “Keep Pushing for Help” only Reps. Tom Reed and Brian Higgins are named as potentially helpful. Plainly absent is Chris Jacobs. He has proven worthless as an advocate for Western New Yorkers.

The editorial correctly stated, “The way to kill (the economy) is to value political dogma over the realities of a genuine crisis … by refusing to renew the $1,200 payments to taxpayers and the $600 boost to unemployment checks, the Senate is poisoning the economic well. By refusing to support cities and states whose finances have been bled by the pandemic, Washington is opening the way to chaos. The risks to the economy are too great to walk away.”

Less than 90 cents out of each dollar in federal taxes we pay come back to New York State (the national average is $1.20) and Jacobs, vis-à-vis Trump and the Senate, are holding our police, teachers, health care workers and schools hostage. Why does Jacobs support this and promote Trump’s dogma that damages Western New York and all of New York State? Three reasons: self-promotion, power and money.

It’s time for us to do the walking. Walk away from Jacobs, a failed representative.

Elect a congressman with ethics and backbone; someone who holds no political fealty. Nate McMurray will represent us, not himself, no matter the possible disadvantage to his own political future. His track record proves he will do the hard work.

Cindy Fleischer