Jacobs is ignoring real problems


Congressman Chris Jacobs is the problem.

Mr. Jacobs supports foreign interference in our elections in violation of federal law. He accepts Vladimir Putin’s word over that of U.S. intelligence agencies, putting U.S. forces in danger. When Russia put a bounty on U.S. and allied forces Mr. Jacobs does nothing, again putting U.S. forces is danger.

With elections coming up, Mr. Jacobs supports voter suppression through the Postal Service cutting off funds and removal of high speed sorting machines. While the country is ravaged with a pandemic, Mr. Jacobs votes to end healthcare. Farmers and rural communities are hurting economically, Mr. Jacobs supports hurting them even more, by limiting immigration.

The Buffalo News Editorial on March 1 wrote: “Buffalo Niagara needs immigrants, not to honor our past but to secure our future. The Trump administration’s increasing restrictions on foreign-born citizens threaten our best hope for increasing our population, filling jobs that enable economic expansion, and enriching the fabric of our community.”

The problems are real and real people are suffering yet Mr. Jacobs campaigns not on solving the problems but on creating division and demonizing people. He labels things as socialist or radical without defining what he means in an attempt to scare people.

Mr. Jacobs tells lies and misinformation about his opponent because he has no proposals or concept of the problems, just scare tactics and the politics of radicalization.

Mr. Jacobs’ fear-based politics of resentment is the problem. Western New York needs a change.

We need ideas that create jobs, provide healthcare, and keep us safe. We need to roll away the stone of fear and anger; we need to move beyond labeling ideas as bad and understand the issues and possible solutions.

I urge voting for Nate McMurray for congress. Thank you.

William Fine