Jacobs must figure out how to fix his ‘mistake’

What’s Chris Jacobs doing to fix his “mistake?”

He’s the only New York State representative to vote “no” to support the United States Postal Service saying it was an “unfortunate mistake.” Constituents need the five removed sorting machines from main post office, William Street, Buffalo, put back.

Jacobs has been mysteriously silent on this. If he’s truly a “yes”, where’s his positive action to get those machines back in place insuring timely ballot processing for the November election?

Jacobs “no” mistake vote is either a lie in plain sight or gross negligence, incompetence. It’s unlikely even some of the New York State representatives, all of whom voted “Yes,” didn’t counsel Jacobs on the floor in real time to say he’s making “a mistake.”

A phone call to Brian Higgins, a Democrat? Why? Why didn’t he call Republicans Tom Reed or Elise Stefanik, both of whom would have voted after Jacobs (alphabetical order) on the floor, and who voted “yes.”

Is Jacobs playing both sides of the aisle? Recall that Stefanik participated in the vicious virtual Town Hall, hosted by the president’s son. Jacobs “called in” the troops to save him with a despicable display, attempting to smear the good name of his opponent, Nate McMurray, just days before the special election.

Jacobs, vocal enough to have breakfast with big money donors, continues to ignore constituents who call, write, email and protest in person. None of this goes unnoticed, now or on Nov. 3.

Linda van Harssel