Jacobs spreading fear about Green Light law

Congressman Chris Jacobs is spreading lies and fear to gin up votes. Mr. Jacobs stated that he is worried that the Green Light Law might allow undocumented immigrants to vote, (Buffalo News 9/11/20). Driver’s licenses issued under the Green Light Law will have the words “NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES” printed on them and they cannot be used to register to vote, or for passports, or for benefits or to vote. As a former New York State Senator, Mr. Jacobs knows this, yet he is spreading this lie so people will vote for him out of fear of immigrants.

Undocumented immigrants work primary in agriculture. Richard Bell, New York State Commissioner of Agriculture told Syracuse.com (1/30/19), that approximately half of New York farm labor force is undocumented. Without undocumented farm workers, farms in Wyoming, Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Ontario, Niagara and counties all across New York would fail.

Furthermore, multiple studies have shown that Green Light Laws make the roads safer, and enhance economic activity. The Green Light Law will make it easier for farmworkers to participate in their communities, their schools, and churches.

Forcing people to be isolated from their communities by denying driver’s licenses and limiting their economic activity by law is a form of institution racism I urge the citizens of this district to reject these lies and fearmongering; elect Nate McMurray for congress.

William Fine