Jacobs’ ‘Too Busy’ for Suny Geneseo Debate? Shameful

Nate McMurray, Democratic candidate in New York’s 27th Congressional District, is calling on his opponent to make time to debate the issues in public before the November election. Republican candidate Chris Jacobs has refused yet again to partake in a public candidate debate, this one organized by SUNY Geneseo students and scheduled for September 20. 

“I’ll be there,” said McMurray, adding “the Libertarian candidate, Duane Whitmer will be there, and we will be ready to debate the issues. The Geneseo Votes Coalition plans to air the debate in real time for the public, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my vision for a better future in NY-27. I’m running to share my ideas and values—expanding healthcare, protecting Social Security, increasing wages for working-class Americans—with the voters, while Jacobs is ducking public debates in NY-27 to avoid accountability for his failures and extremist views.” 

Jacobs declined the invitation from the non-partisan, student-run organization, indicating that he is “too busy” for the one-hour, virtual event.

“The House of Representatives is out of session until after the election. Jacobs has no town halls scheduled, nor has he ever held a single town hall—virtual or otherwise—in the three short months he has held the office. Chris won’t debate because he knows he cannot answer for his misdeeds like voting to kill the Affordable Care Act, voting against protecting U.S. Postal workers and the public’s right to vote, voting against funding for parks like Letchworth, and attending a rally where an effigy of the Governor was beaten and hanged. 

The McMurray campaign recently declined a debate scheduled by a private organization, the Rochester Rotarians, after learning they refused to invite the Libertarian candidate, that the event was available only to Rochester Rotary members, and that it would be recorded solely ‘for their own purposes’. 

McMurray concluded: “My campaign in 2018 and now in 2020 has always been about transparency, public debate of the issues, speaking truth to power, and amplifying the voices and needs of Western New Yorkers. The media holds me to account. What about Chris?”