Jacobs Votes to Fund Trump Lawsuit Against the Affordable Care Act—the Only Congressman in WNY to Do So

Democratic Congressional candidate Nate McMurray released the following statement after Republican Chris Jacobs voted against an amendment that would keep taxpayer dollars from funding the Trump administration’s lawsuits to strike down the Affordable Care Act:

“Let me be clear: Every American deserves healthcare, and that is exactly what I will fight for in Washington. To watch the Republican assault on affordable, accessible healthcare with no plan of their own is horrifying. But it is inhumane for Trump and his followers like Jacobs to continue their attacks while our country is ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic—using taxpayer dollars to strip protections for pre-existing conditions and sabotage a program that the majority of Americans support. Our country has seen over 150,000 deaths, an estimated 5.4 million Americans have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance, and after voting against sick pay for COVID-19 patients in Albany, Chris Jacobs is voting with Donald Trump to kill the Affordable Care Act.

“I have spent years in this district; the people from Canandaigua to Clarence, and everywhere in between, know that Nate McMurray fights for healthcare and the working class. The people of NY-27 are already up at night worrying about the pandemic, their jobs, schools reopening; and now, they have to worry about Jacobs taking away their healthcare.

“Thanks to House members of both parties in Western New York who voted ‘Yes,’ this amendment passed in spite of Jacobs and Trump. As he did on his first day, Jacobs stood alone again, hurting the people of NY-27.”