Keep our kids safe, play the odds

Thinking it will never happen is gambling. The gut-wrenching news was that the speech therapist was COVID positive. Quarantine, testing, waiting, waiting, a stressful, gut-wrenching reality for a family of five. One controversial, skinny little facial barrier worn by the speech therapist paid off. The family tested negative. Great news for everyone. The mask worked.

Children have been protected, safe at home, until now. Parents are afraid, children feel the stress. Our kids are lucky to live in well-managed New York state, where masks are mandated and infection numbers are relatively low. Masks reduce the risk; they’re very effective barriers, if used properly.

Our President refused a national mask mandate, saying, “It’s only a recommendation.” The President and his loyalists, like Chris Jacobs, still mock mask-wearing.

Those who recover from COVID-19 are not 100%; the damage is often permanent.

Journalist Bob Woodward has revealed recordings, in Trump’s own voice. In February, he said, “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. This is deadly stuff.” In March, he said, “some startling facts about COVID 19, including that it’s not just older people, it’s plenty of young people.”

Trump knew, lied and pushed for rapid reopening of schools anyway; and GOP loyalists, silently complicit, betrayed their oaths. Dr. Fauci was muzzled. Needless death, reckless homicide, dereliction of duty, is on an epic scale.

Odds are, Trump won’t resign or be removed; he has no shame. Odds are, it will get worse. Thinking it will never happen is wishful thinking, unrealistic with Trump and loyalists. Vote for children’s safety.