McMurray a strong voice for economic development

For a strong economy and job growth, vote for Nate McMurray. Under Mr. Trump’s leadership, which Chris Jacobs supports, the economy in Western New York has been sluggish at best. David Robinson of the Buffalo News reported (3/13/20): “The January slump (in the jobs market), combined with major revisions to last year’s numbers that showed the local jobs market fell into decline last July, (2019), paints a picture of a sluggish employment market during a time when the national economy was still going strong.” The State Department of Labor reported that the Buffalo area lost about 3,000 jobs from January 2019 to January 2020. This was before the COVID-19 pandemic that further weakened our economy.

Non-partisan analysis of Mr. Trump’s economic plans vs. Mr. Biden’s, overwhelming favor Mr. Biden’s proposals. Moody’s Analytics reported (9/23/20), that: “we conclude that Biden’s economic proposals would result in a stronger U.S. economy than Trump’s.” James Pethokoukis economists at Goldman Sachs also expressed more favorable views of Mr. Biden’s economic proposals over those of Mr. Trump. Western New York’s economy was bad and getting worse under Mr. Trump and Mr. Jacobs.

Expert non-partisan analysis shows that our economy will improve faster and longer under Mr. Biden with Nate McMurray’s help. Western New York needs a leader with a strong voice for economic development, we need Nate McMurray in Congress. I urge voting for Nate McMurray for Congress.

William Fine