McMurray, Biden are best choices for workers in WNY

The last line of defense against the incredible power of corporate America are trade-unions that fight for the working class. Union endorsement, a “seal of approval,” conveys a lot about values and intentions of political candidates regarding the issues that most affect working people like: social security, Medicare, good/fair wages.

Joe Biden and Nate McMurray are strong voices for labor and will defend workers, fight for healthcare for all and to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change. Trump and career politicians like Nate’s opponent Chris Jacobs have shown they aim to do the opposite. Trump’s tax cut and regulation changes heavily favor corporations, not workers. Jacobs, a multimillionaire, a big business guy, out of touch with the middle class, has aligned himself 100% with Trump and against working families.

Here are examples of Jacobs votes that do not serve the interests of regular people like us. He voted against the USPS; against reinstating extended unemployment benefits and state and local funding to keep local taxes down; against pay raises for enlisted military; against parental legal power in cases of racial discrimination in schools; against expansion of energy grants to rural electricity cooperatives; and against against saving tax dollars by funding National Parks with fees from mining companies!

Nate McMurray’s long list of union endorsements are listed on his website. They include: AFSCME NY Council 66, American Federation of Government Employees, American Federation of Teachers, American Postal Workers Union, Buffalo AFL-CIO, Buffalo Building and Construction Trades Council, Buffalo Teachers Federation, Communications Workers of America, IUPAT District Council 4, International Association of Machinists, National Association of Letter Carriers, Niagara County Building and Construction Trades Council, NYS AFL-CIO, NYS Nurses Association, New York State United Teachers, United Food and Commercial Workers, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, SEIU 1199, United Auto Workers and WNY AFL-CIO.

Jacobs works for himself and his political career, not the constituents of NY-27. McMurray will do neither and has proven that in his position as town supervisor of Grand Island, where his first act was to impose term limits on his own political office.

People are onto the self-described Trump sycophant Jacobs, who has only two union endorsements: National Federation of Independent Business and New York State Troopers PBA.

McMurray is the endorsed candidate of Labor for good reason. Like Biden, he comes from humble working-class beginnings, he understands our needs. Both have strong plans for job growth, so desperately needed in ours, the worst job market in the US. Jacobs was a New York state senator for years. Ask yourself why he hasn’t improved our job market in NY-27 in all that time. McMurray will defend us and bring jobs to the region in this continued struggle.

Vote for Nate McMurray and Joe Biden for working families who always comprise the backbone of a vibrant economy — one we so desperately need to build in Western New York.