McMurray calls for expanded mail-in ballots in special election

Nate McMurray, Democratic congressional candidate in the June 23rd Special Election, in line with recommendations from the New York State Election Commissioners Association, is calling on New York State to take immediate action to protect the electoral process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

McMurray is also calling for debates with all three Republican candidates in the Primary Election that is also scheduled for June 23rd.

“Delaying the 27th Special Election and prioritizing public health over politics was the right thing to do to protect the people of Western New York,” McMurray said. “We must also do everything we can to maintain voter confidence during this crisis, as well as their access to information about the candidates campaigning to be their next representative.

“We need to expand the ability of our residents to vote from the safety of their own homes. We must protect the health of our community and accommodate the local Boards of Elections with additional resources and flexibilities.”

McMurray supports the following:

1. For New York State to amend 8-400 of NYS Election Law to allow for Absentee Balloting during all times of declared state of emergency due to infectious disease or pandemic.

2. Provide local County Board of Elections immediate additional state funding  and the flexibility needed to support an expanded absentee ballot effort.

3. Holding at least (3) three debates in the weeks leading up to June 23rd with all candidates appearing on the ballots in the 27th Congressional District Special and Primary elections.

“The 27th Congressional District has been unrepresented for too long, and when Western New Yorkers finally have the opportunity to cast their ballots in June, they should be able to do so with as much information as possible about where candidates stand on the critical issues impacting us all,” McMurray said.