McMurray has the makings of a fine congressman

Nate McMurray isn’t a guy who just gives up on his dreams. Most would have quit on the 27th District when they saw hopeless odds in the reddest district of New York State. As a youth, Nate’s fate also seemed bleak. A poor, fatherless child in a large family, Nate lacked supervision, had poor attendance, mediocre grades, messy hair, muddy shoes, but lots of books.

Steadfastly determined, McMurray shaped up. He earned an Eagle Scout award, went on to community college, multiple part-time jobs, graduated from college with honors, law school, became a Fulbright Scholar, learned several languages and a master’s degree in a foreign country.

Public school, where everyone gets a chance at life, and Mom were his backers. Seeds of care, concern and encouragement were planted by kind, selfless, devoted teachers. Inspired, McMurray made up lost time, worked part-time jobs, set goals.

Struggling, poorly represented, NY-27 is like a long-neglected child. Chris Lee resigned with dishonor. Chris Collins was convicted of charges connected to insider trading. Chris Jacobs, millionaire, private school kind of guy, Trump loyalist, has changed parties, voted against supporting the USPS, voted to use taxpayer dollars to pay for Trump’s lawyers to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without replacement during a pandemic.

McMurray travels the long roads of the eight NY-27 counties, listens, knows residents. McMurray’s campaign, a grassroots movement of volunteers, no corporate money, has been gathering steam. He’s the perfect representative of struggling people in a distressed region because he’s lived it. 

Carol Nochajski