Nate McMurray Files Lawsuit against Erie County Board of Election Commissioners to Defend and Protect Voter Integrity during COVID-19 Pandemic

HAMBURG, N.Y. – NY- 27th Congressional candidate Nate McMurray’s campaign filed a lawsuit this morning against the Democratic and Republican Erie County Board of Elections (BOE) Commissioners. With just five days until Early Voting is scheduled to begin, voters in Erie County have received no guidance on where their polling places are or what day and times they will be open. 

Nate McMurray said, “After repeated attempts to receive this critical information, we are taking necessary and reasonable actions to ensure that all voters across the 27th are able to fulfill their constitutional right and vote in the upcoming Special Election on June 23rd. There has been confusion about balloting and absentee voting and absolutely zero information provided about how and where to participate in early voting.” 

“We regret that it took our campaign to call out this shortfall, we recognize and appreciate the hard work the Board of Elections staff is doing,” McMurray continued, “but it is our duty to protect accessibility to the ballot and voter integrity . Over the last few months we have consistently been in communication with local and State officials to ensure all votes will be counted. Action needs to be taken immediately here in Erie County to protect our democratic values and ensure all people have access to safely vote amidst this public health crisis.” 

Voters who are experiencing any issues voting by absentee or obtaining early voting information please contact: NYS Democratic Lawyers Council Voter Protection Hotline: (585) 213-1710 or [email protected]