News made the wrong endorsement for NY-27

I was disappointed that The Buffalo News endorsed Chris Jacobs for New York’s 27th congressional district. Jacobs seems like a nice man however throughout his campaign and his short time in office he has never once criticized President Trump. In fact he has supported Trump’s lethally irresponsible failures to deal with the pandemic.

By contrast, Nate McMurray has stated clearly that he understands that until our country deals with the virus, we won’t get our businesses running or our schools back to safety.

In his TV ads, Jacobs has adopted the tired old lie that a Democrat will raise your taxes. The truth is that McMurray has stated that wealthy millionaires like Jacobs who benefited from the Trump tax legislation should pay their fair share. He also believes that middle class people should pay less taxes. Other important differences revolve around health care and climate change.

While McMurray wants to work with the president (whoever wins) to provide affordable health care to everyone Jacobs, like Trump, offers no plan other than to criticize the Democrat’s plan. Also, Jacobs seems to agree with Trump who denies the science behind climate change.

I don’t believe that simply agreeing with a flawed president is a reason to support a congressional candidate. I do believe that McMurray has demonstrated the independence that we need in Washington right now. McMurray will not simply be a sycophant for whoever is our next president. Even if Joe Biden wins, McMurray will think for himself and will do whatever is best for the citizens of our district. Please consider which of these two men will best serve our vital interests regarding the pandemic, our economy and our future on this planet when you cast your ballots.

Robert Mauger

East Aurora