No time for an unresponsive congressman

No time for an unresponsive congressman

Our new NY-27 Congressman Chris Jacobs is a difficult man to get a hold of. Jacobs didn’t really seem to have any policy positions or goals when he was running for office. Rather, he spent his time name-dropping the president and buying expensive TV ads full of obvious lies. You’d think he’d be eager to explain his positions if he actually stood for anything.

However, I’ve contacted his office 1-2 times per week for the last 4 weeks. The staffer there was polite but apparently completely ignorant to Jacobs’ positions on any of the issues about which I inquired. I was promised a response within “a few days’’ each time, but nothing. Not even a form letter or email. No communication initiated on Jacobs’ end at all.

This is the opposite of representation.

Jacobs doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to deserve his position. On the other hand Nate McMurray has engaged me in genuine conversation many times. He proudly states and posts his policy positions.

I’d rather vote for someone who has some policies I disagree with, but isn’t afraid to state them, than someone who doesn’t stand for anything.

If you want real integrity and representation, vote McMurray in November!

Chris Lynn