NY-27 doesn’t need a ‘distracted’ representative

Green means yes, red means no. It’s not that hard.

News travels fast, especially when infamy is at the source. Folks from all over are asking the same question we ask at the ends of our driveways: How does “the rookie congressman vote “no,” on the most consequential bill of his lifetime, by “mistake?” A bill that would rescue our struggling Post Office during a pandemic and leads up to the most important election of our lifetimes?

Chris Jacobs claims he voted no by “mistake.” Who confuses a red lighted button, meaning “no,” with the green lighted button that means “yes”? Especially since congressional representatives have 15 minutes to vote, can change their vote if desired, can discuss with colleagues on the floor, and have staffs to point out errors … it goes on and on. Jacobs voted “no” in error but says he supports the Post Office. Come again? He’s lying or he is grossly incompetent. That’s it.

Let’s remember, Jacobs served in the New York State Senate and should know what he’s doing. Nothing like this has ever happened before. His blunder apparently made history – and provoked hilarity in social media. Google “Jacob’s Post Office Debacle” for an article by FOX News, of all sources, and reports by FOX TV Bangor, Maine, and FOX Radio Sioux City, Iowa. Infamy came to our little district NY-27 for all the wrong reasons.

As an aside, our previous “Chris” Congressman pleaded guilty to insider trading, resigned in disgrace, and would be serving a federal prison term now if it weren’t for the pandemic.

Jacobs should consider himself on notice. NY-27 constituents are watching. We don’t need a “distracted” — his word — congressman. We will correct this at the ballot box on November 3rd.