NY-27 doesn’t need a paparazzo, it needs a representative

When you’re a multi millionaire who uses your means, power and influence to run and win an election on misinformation (I’m being kind), apparently it still isn’t enough to leave well enough alone.

In the 27th Congressional District we’ve lived through 3-1/2 years of lying commercials featuring terrorized images, foreign languages that scare but translate to nonsense (you’d know if you spoke fluent Korean) and, most recently when all else was failing, vicious, desperate third-world online tactics to offset the taste of defeat that was in the air. It was all too much to have a normal, truthful, capable person rise up.

Yet, even after the recent special election was miraculously won — by a gerrymandered, bewildering hair, aided by misinformed but well meaning poll workers, a confused electorate, hundreds of absentee ballots tossed due to botched mailing processes and, yes, stray but “helpful” pencil marks that caused more ballots to be tossed — it’s still not enough. Imagine, after all that, a win. Not by leaps and bounds, but a win is a win.

So, what’s next? Campaign? Town halls? Invite discussion? Meet constituents? Quarantine after attending a super spreader event? No. The answer is: Hide, vote against health care, vote against the national parks, vote against the military, vote against constituents’ wishes and the majority of Americans to save the U.S. Postal Service.

“Mistake,” lie, or gross negligence?

Regardless, what now? Too scary, too inconvenient, or too arrogant to do the actual job of a “congressman”?

The answer is: Pay a young man armed with a video camera to follow Nate McMurray and team around a 150-mile district. Document every word and move in public spaces.

Is Chris Jacobs really that desperate and incapable? “Is that all ya got?” This attempt to ruin, intimidate and discourage public discourse — the basis of American democracy — is pathetic, un-American and frankly an insult to our intelligence. Nate speaks the same truths on or off camera, in person or on the phone, in an email or in an open letter, in person one to one or to a crowd. The $30-per-hour, or whatever, pathetic effort is a waste of time and money.

NY-27 doesn’t need a paparazzo, we need Jacobs to stop it and do his job — to discern the difference between a green “yes” button and a red “no” button during a vote, stop emailing canned vanilla letters that don’t address our written, verbal and in-person outrage, and stop wasting taxpayer dollars to mail an exact copy of this same trash to our homes. Stop hiding. Do in-person or even virtual town halls in all eight counties. Debate Nate.

Lastly, the kid with the camera should go home with a parting bonus with a complimentary copy of Woodward’s “Rage” and read it. Do something, or please just leave us alone. This is a disgrace, an embarrassment and is not our America. A course correction is coming November 3rd with Nate McMurray.