People of NY-27 deserve better

I’ll keep this short. The people of our Congressional District have shown an ability to look beyond partisanship in the past and make decisions based on real wants and needs of the people and on the real abilities and principles of the candidates.

It’s time to vote for Nate McMurray for the NY-27 congressional seat. He’s a real person, who has known struggle, who has worked hard to achieve what he has, who has stood up for the less-fortunate, who has successfully governed at the local level, and who has policy proposals that will really help the people of NY-27 and the country.

His opponent is a spoiled, out-of-touch, fantastically wealthy individual who has never wanted for anything, and who has embraced division, partisanship, political violence, conspiracy theories, and who has flip-flopped on nearly every important issue for the sake of sycophancy and political expediency. McMurray is the clear choice this time around.

We deserve better than what we’ve had!

Chris Lynn