Polls Close in New York’s 27th: McMurray Calls for Every Vote to be Counted

Thousands of Mail-In Ballots remain Unopened across the District

Hamburg, NY- Tonight, polls closed in the NY’s 27th District, but tens of thousands of ballots remain unopened. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a historic number of absentee and mail-in ballots will need to be counted. Absentee counting in most counties will not start until July 1st, and likely won’t be completed for at least a week. The eight County Boards of Elections (BOE) across the Election District are working tirelessly to process an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, and the BOE staffs have done a good job navigating an incredibly difficult election with the resources available to them.

 “I feel good. I am optimistic that when all the votes are counted our campaign will be victorious,” Nate McMurray said on Tuesday night. “It has been a difficult few months for our country and the people of Western New York, and while voters are anxious to learn the outcome from this election, we must see this entire process through and give the Board of Elections time to process the overwhelming number of absentee ballots that were received. Many of these ballots were those of the elderly, at-risk population, and as well as our military population overseas. We can’t ignore their voices. I’m not declaring victory until the last vote is counted.”

“We know that huge numbers of votes came in by absentee ballot and that they cannot legally be opened until at least July 1. While the GOP would love to be counting its chickens before they hatch, we know those absentee votes have put Nate in a very strong position, and we’re very excited to have all the votes counted and the real result actually determined,” said Livingston County Chair Judith Hunter 

“The Wyoming County Democratic Committee has stood beside Nate McMurray as our candidate for more than two years. Nate has created a magical grassroots response here. We will remain beside Nate as the votes are counted after Election night. People voted absentee in huge numbers for this Special Election and every vote must be counted. So, while nothing can be decided on today, we have every confidence when all the votes are counted, Nate McMurray will be our next Congressman.” said Wyoming County Democratic Chair Cynthia Appleton 

“There has been nothing normal about this election cycle; the challenges for both the candidates and the Board of Elections have been great. Voters, to protect their safety  and health, turned in a record number of ballots by mail. Our data indicates that these absentee votes will favor our candidate, Nate McMurray, and we must wait for all the votes to be counted for the actual results. I look forward to having a representative in Congress who will represent the people in our County, who will fight to protect social security and Medicare, who will create jobs and fight for affordable health care for all,” said Genesee County Democratic Chair Michael Plitt

“Monroe County Democrats believe every vote counts and we know that in order to ensure that, every vote must be counted,” said Monroe County Democratic Party Chair Brittaney Wells.  “With the high volume of absentee voters this year, it would be unfair to our elderly, at-risk, military and other voters, who largely voted by absentee ballot, to  ‘call’ the Congressional election until these votes can all be fully and fairly counted.  One of the reasons the Monroe County Democratic Committee wholeheartedly supports Nate McMurray for Congress is because Nate shares our strong belief that all voters count and therefore all votes must be counted.” 

“We are so supportive of Nate McMurray; he won over so many voters here in Orleans County by showing up and listening to their concerns,” said Orleans County Democratic County Committee Chair Jeanne Crane. “Nate truly understands what people are concerned about: lack of jobs, lack of affordable housing, and high taxes. He also believes that every vote should be counted and ballot integrity matters. So as excited as we are to elect him, it is essential we wait for every mail-in ballot to be counted.”