Reasons to vote for Nate McMurray


I would like to thank Mr. Ronald Heppner for his letter Oct. 16, 2020 (“Happy with Chris Jacobs representation”). He is correct I did meet former Congressman Chris Collins at an event honoring Vietnam Vets. I was not clear when I stated “the only way to speak with Collins was to pay to attend one of his fundraisers.”

At this event Mr. Collins made a few remarks then greeted each vet and shook their hands for a photo-op. Mr. Collins did not listen to concerns of veterans nor did he answer questions. This was just a photo-op which Mr. Collins could use for his re-election. I should have stated that the only way to get your views listened to was to pay to attend a fund raiser.

Mr. Heppner asked for reasons to vote for Nate McMurray. First, as a combat veteran I am appalled that Mr. Jacobs has been silent about foreign government putting a bounty on American Troops. That alone should disqualify him from leadership.

Second, both Moody’s Analytic and Goldman Sachs stated that the economy will recover faster and stronger with Joe Biden’s economic plans.

Third, the divisiveness, (calling a peaceful protestor an ANTIFA agitator, voting against anti-Asian racism, etc), promoted by Congressman Chris Jacobs is toxic to solving problems in the district.

I may not convince Mr. Heppner to vote for Nate McMurray and if you are OK with a foreign adversary putting bounties on American troops, vote for Mr. Jacobs. I am not OK with that.

William Fine