Restating support for McMurray

The Livingston County News has graciously published a number of letters by myself and my friend Mr. William Fine.

Our letters are often critical of our current political representatives. We have also presented many salient points regarding the benefits of voting for opposition candidates in the upcoming election. We always adhere to the mantra of “punching up,” meaning that we only critique people in positions of authority and power who we feel are not adequately representing the people of our district.

However, in a recent letter, Mr. Heppner (“Happy with Chris Jacobs representation”, Oct. 16) personally attacks Mr. Fine, defends felon Chris Collins (who just started his prison term), and provides a rather weak defense of Chris Jacobs’ work as County Clerk (not as a State Senator or Congressman, where his efforts have been lackluster and disastrous, respectively).

I have read Mr. Fine’s letters. They are informative, policy-based, and provide clear evidence of the inadequacies of our current “representatives.”

Mr. Heppner requests reasons to vote for Nate McMurray. While dozens of these have been provided in letters over the past months, let me enthusiastically restate a few:

■ McMurray successfully led a bipartisan town board at Grand Island, constructed a new visitors’ center, and installed a solar project, etc.

■ McMurray will defend Social Security, Medicare, Public Education, and the USPS.

■ McMurray will fight for healthcare for all.

■ McMurray is not an insider and will (and has) criticize both Republicans and Democrats when needed.

■ McMurray will continue to fight for social/economic justice.

■ McMurray isn’t bought off and refuses corporate money

Chris Lynn