Social Security must be preserved

It is difficult to find an issue where our two candidates for Congress in NY-27 are not diametrically opposed. One of those is the extremely important issue of Social Security.

Nate McMurray is willing to fight with everything he’s got to preserve Social Security, and to strengthen it so it can continue to benefit future generations of Americans. Nate understands that this program – one of the most popular Federal programs in American history – is the lifeblood of tens of millions of older citizens. He understands that it is something we all pay into, so that we can live with dignity in our later years. Nate will defend Social Security no matter what.

Chris Jacobs, on the other hand, has sold his soul. He’s no longer the “Moderate Democrat” he once claimed to be, but has switched parties and gone all-in with the national GOP. He unequivocally supported President Trump’s executive orders that deferred the payroll tax, knowing full well that this defunds Social Security. Chris understands that this order, and any legislation that supports it, will be a death blow to the program. This won’t just impact the next generation; it will impact people who receive benefits RIGHT NOW. Within a few years – or less – of being unfunded, the program will cease to exist. Chris Jacobs and his rich cronies won’t care. They’re rich. They have declared war on regular Americans that depend on programs like Social Security.

When it comes to Social Security, trust Nate McMurray to keep it, and us, safe.

Dennis Doell