Statement on Collins Latest Delay Attempt

Democratic candidate in New York’s 27th Congressional District issued the following statement after ex-Congressman Chris Collins sought a fifth delay of his scheduled date to report to federal prison or, alternatively, to eliminate his 26-month sentence altogether due to COVID:

“Enough is enough, it is time that Donald Trump’s biggest supporter in Western New York, ex-congressman Chris Collins, report to prison to serve his jail time and pay his debt to society,” McMurray said. “It is now a full year since Collins admitted he lied to the public and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and pled guilty to his crimes. The American public, in particular Western New Yorkers of NY-27, are in no mood for further delays. Collins’ latest request is downright insulting. We all are limiting our exposure to activities and staying home as much as possible; allowing Collins to serve jail time in his luxurious home is tantamount to no justice at all.

“Collins was to report to prison on March 17, 2020. That was delayed until April 21, then delayed again until August 18, and delayed a fourth time until October 13. Collins’ latest request—that his report date to prison in Pensacola, Florida be delayed a fifth time to December 8—is shamelessly coupled with a request in the alternative that his 26-month prison term be entirely changed to home confinement due to COVID-19 concerns.

McMurray continued: “For over 30 years Western New Yorkers have been subjected to the self-interested Republican politics of Bill Paxon, Tom Reynolds, Chris Lee, and then Chris Collins. They have all used the communities and families of NY-27 time and again to elevate their own political aspirations above the healthcare, infrastructure, and labor policies that truly would have improved the lives of the people they served. 

“Collins in particular repeatedly lied to, then utterly failed, Western New Yorkers when he resigned and left NY-27 with no federal representation through the apex of the worst health crisis in 100 years. And the fallout persists. NY-27’s newly seated congressman, Chris Jacobs, has in short order shown himself to be just another incompetent, self-interested Republican who is beholden to Trump and his failed policies over the public that he claims to serve.

“At this point, we have crossed into the outrageous. Still we see how Donald Trump and politicians like Collins call for ‘law and order,’ but it never truly applies to Trump or the growing list of convicts around Trump: Manafort, Stone, Flynn, and now Collins. This time, though, the people of NY-27 demand and the scales of justice require that the court not let Trump’s latest convicted crony, Collins, off the hook.”