Vote country over party to revive WNY

In response to Doralyn Marshall, whose letter to the US&J Mailbag was posted on Oct. 28: I was excited to finally see an opinion articulating why one should vote for Chris Jacobs. But “save the seat” was a lame, tired excuse used to elect Chris Collins, now prisoner, preceded by a long list of others.

How about telling readers what multimillionaire Jacobs offers us, he who is supported by corporate donors with fat checkbooks; how Jacobs’ leadership would improve Western New York.

Ignore that Jacobs, a lifelong politician, “distracted, accidentally” voted against the U.S. Postal Service, and introduced and voted for the Scaffold Law which clearly supports stripping protections for workers in job-related accidents and is a clear benefit to corporations.

Forget that just one union, the NYS Troopers PBA, endorsed Jacobs, whose platform of supporting Donald Trump shows he is a blind loyalist to corporate America.

Jacobs voted the party line on 16 of 19 key votes since he took office a few months ago. He can’t think for himself, and if he survives, he will be a fish out of water when Trump goes down. Support for big-check donors will dominate and Jacobs will be useless to us, with our worst job market anywhere.

Nate McMurray does not accept corporate money; his average donation is $60. Western New York must use hardworking McMurray to pull us up and succeed with integrity. Nate’s one of us, endorsed by 26 unions, a guy from North Tonawanda who cuts his own grass.

A sad consequence of gerrymandering, by both sides, is that the candidate of the dominant party doesn’t have to shine to be elected. A warm body is enough. We lose with inadequate representatives.

If you love America, be smart and vote country over party so that Western New York can thrive again.