Vote for McMurray to represent NY-27

We are facing many challenges as well as an upcoming election that will test the mettle of the American people and our democracy. For the NY-27 Congressional district there is also much at stake.

After years of a gerrymandered haven for Republicans who have done little except protect their own interests (does the imprisoned Chris Collins ring a bell?) and pander to the constituents, we have the chance to turn things around. Let’s put party politics aside and vote for someone who is passionate about working FOR and representing ALL people of this district.

Nate McMurray may be running as a Democrat but he is fearless and over the last three-plus years he has visited virtually every town, village and city in this expansive district. He speaks to everyone, not just those he knows will agree with him. His grassroots campaign continues to grow as he meets people in backyards, fields, parks, not fancy restaurants and private clubs. McMurray stands with us and will work to protect programs that are important to us like Social Security and fighting corporate theft.

Chris Jacobs has not reached out to his constituents by holding a Town Hall, following his predecessor’s lead. He only seems to show up when he is attending private large donor fundraisers.

The people of NY-27 deserve better. Forget the labels the pundits toss at us and we toss at each other. We are better than that! Vote for the person who will truly represent all of us. Vote for Nate McMurray.

Mary Lynn Acee
West Falls