Watching Jacobs for an indication of his concern for constituents

I am writing in response to the announcement by Chris Jacobs that he attended Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. Because Washington, D.C., still has a high incidence of coronavirus infections, public gatherings are limited to 50 people and social distancing is mandated and masks strongly recommended. This event did not meet those requirements; about 1,500 attendees were seated close together for a considerable period of time, and were generally without masks.

Does our Congressman plan to quarantine himself for the required 14 days upon his return to New York State? Or will he disregard the state order and the health of his constituents in NY27?

We are watching his public movements (including his mask wearing) for an indication of his concern for us— a key indicator of his fitness to serve as our representative in Congress.

Nancy Sellar
Silver Lake