We need leadership, not fearmongering

Republicans, like Chris Jacobs, will campaign on the politics of fear. They will call Nate McMurray a liberal but then they will add an adjective such as a “radical liberal” because liberal isn’t scary enough. They may add several adjectives such as “far-left radical liberal” or even “out of touch far-left radical liberal.” But no matter how many adjectives they use they will not define their terms nor will they state what issues they are running on because the republican platform is simply “loyalty to Donald Trump.”

Mr. McMurray is running on providing health care at affordable costs. Mr. Trump and Mr. Jacobs are trying to take away health care and end Social Security. Nate McMurray is running to provide fiscal soundness and economic opportunity. Mr. Trump and Mr. Jacobs have presided over the national debt exceeding the GDP, irresponsibly, for the first time since WWII. Nate McMurray is running on providing needed jobs and infrastructure to the area. Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Trump have talked about it, but have put forth no infrastructure proposals. Nate McMurray will work to ease racial tensions and make our communities safe, Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Trump demean and belittle minorities adding to the racial tensions and unrest. New York 27th district needs leadership not fearmongering we need a representative, we need Nate McMurray.